Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Avatar - Faceyourmanga

When creating an avatars to represent myself, I chose to create a range of avatars from how I am portrayed as in real life (animal nicknames and how I look) to how I wish I was to look. My first avatar, (Below, Created on was made to represent my outer identity. I chose to portray myself as I am as I truly feel as though I am happy with my appearance. A risk of depicting myself as my true identity is that people may be able to assume what I look like.

Overall, ( showed aspects that I liked and many that I disliked. My favourite aspect about faceyourmanga was the options that were available. Eg. face shapes and the smallest things like jaw structures. Dislikes I had about the this website were how you could not chose colours that were not options and how you could not add in thing that were not included in the site.


  1. Well done Lily you have used 3 different tools and identified strenghs and weaknesses of the software. Your responses were well considered and used clear examples.