Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Avatar - Mybluerobot

When creating my second avatar, I chose to make it so that it had a few aspects that were reminded of myself and a few aspects that made me look a bit different but not completely changing my identity. I chose to create my avatar with only the eyes that were different because I wanted to keep my identity but tweak it with an experiment of the blue eyes. This was a good choice because if this was to be my profile picture on any social media site, people would get an idea of how I look but not the full image.

Overall, the website ( was great for making more realistic avatars. I loved how on this avatar creator website, you were able to adjust different colours. A bonus about the site that stood out to me was how it was free and easy to use, as the labels of where certain options were. I have no dislikes about this website as it showed all aspects that I were looking for. These include a wide range of different colours, face shapes, hairstyles and etc. An improvement for this website would to be able to add audio or make audio for the avatar.

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