Thursday, 28 July 2016

My Avatar - Voki

When creating my third avatar, I chose to make it so that my identity had completely changed. The third avatar that I created showed a side of me that I wish I looked if I do not look like how I do now.

My fourth avatar shows an adventurous side of me, displaying how I would not dress in real life. I chose to go out of my comfort zone because I wanted to show that I can be whom I wish to be but I just do not want to show it. 

However, on whilst doing my fifth avatar, I decided to make it an animal because it reminded me of how some of my friends used to call me 'Bugsy', a Guinea Pig from the film 'Bedtime stories.' This was probably the most private avatar, from the five that I have created. 

Overall, the site ( is a great website to explore creating avatars from as there are a range of different avatars to chose from animals to humans. My dislikes about Voki were that you were not able to change the colour of certain items like the clothes and accessories. I also did mot like how there weren't many options to chose from for all of the categories (head, clothing, bling). 

(Third avatar)
(Fourth avatar)
(Fifth avatar)

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