Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Creating and editing graphics in Photoshop

During my time using Photoshop CS6, I learnt many photoshop skills such as how to crop, resize, select, layer and draw on photos. With both my images, I cropped out certain parts of the border as well as selecting which areas to either crop, colour or replicate. The first photoshop avatar shows elements of cropping, selecting, layering and colouring. Within this software, I experienced many strengths/ tools that other software could not achieve. This software could create layers which was a main element that I had never seen before. The main weaknesses were that the software did not have a tutorial for users to follow by and that users were unable to photoshop videos. Other than that, the software is a great software to use when wanting to photoshop photos.

When creating my two avatars, I used two old photos that showed landscapes that I thought represented who I am. By doing this and colouring my body (First photoshop avatar) so that no one could see my true image, I am being very safe when it comes to online safety and security.

First Photoshop Avatar
Second Photoshop Avatar

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